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Dana found her singing voice at just 6 yrs old. Her father, Vic, and her Grandmother Jennie, were both self-taught musicians that loved to gather family and friends around the piano and sing for hours. Dana loved how

singing made her and the people around her feel.  


As a teenager, Dana continued to use her voice for school and camp plays and would organize talent shows for students and campers to encourage others to put their talents on display as well.  


Professionally, Dana became a mortgage specialist and enjoyed a very successful career with the same company for 15 years. Luck would have it

that her boss and several of her co-workers were also singers and musicians and many fun musical weekends kept singing close to her heart.


Now, years later, Dana is setting off on a new chapter that is ALL about the music. "I want to make singing and entertaining my new career.  My wish is to make others smile, tap their toes and sing along to the music that takes them away, even just for a little while"


Hope to meet and "sing it" for you soon! 

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“Singing was my first love and I am grateful to have never gotten over it."

Dana Stern


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